Blockchain DevOps Platform

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The Problem of Adoption

It’s 2019, ten years after the initial launch of Bitcoin, and blockchain skeptics emphasize the sparsity of production-ready blockchain software systems that are yet in use. While many await the arrival of blockchain’s next killer app, our focus at BlockTEST is to provide solutions for challenges that specifically face the decentralized community.

There is no one “blockchain,” but rather many different blockchains.

How can developers translate innovations across 60+ evolving public protocols, 10+ evolving consensus mechanisms, at all different business frontiers into groundbreaking, yet practical solutions for enterprise and institutional use?

Many blockchains, one adaptor


Our blockchain adaptor is a cloud-based blockchain performance evaluation engine. It provides a standardized private environment in which to develop, deploy, and test blockchain proof-of-concepts across varying public chain platforms.

Use our adaptor to validate blockchain solutions:

  • Evaluate project syntax, performance, security, scalability, & more.
  • Platform agnostic – currently supports Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum, and NEO.
  • Private testing environment ensures that performance metrics are unbiased.
  • Full API development for seamless integration with legacy systems.
  • Continuous POC iteration – no more hassles from ongoing protocol upgrades.

Our Principles


Establishing performance benchmarking with transparent, measurable standards


Finding commonalities between industries to apply core blockchain concepts across verticals


Providing insights on the impact of varying architecture, protocol, and consensus mechanisms

Try it out


Test out our technology for free with Greenhouse, our user-centric blockchain development platform. Greenhouse supports and connects users at every stage of the blockchain development.